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To wear or not to wear? After some constructive thinking we decided – TO WEAR. Crowds of people burst into the shop, grab some clothes that met their eyes, right after that try it on even without going to a fitting room, rush to the cashier – now it’s over. Sounds familiar? SALES on the eve of the New Year or just ordinary shopping may turn out to be exhausting. Not every shop can provide you with pleasant reception. Here we have customer service with assistants on hand who are ready to give you advice. If you are tired of these endless lines, crowds of crazy people who would always step on your foot, fighting for clothing,   we bring to your attention designer shops and clothes. With the new season comes a wide range of clothes that is worth your attention. First of all, if you have a kid you’d better know how to emphasize your child’s uniqueness and his distinctive features. People are identified by the way they get dressed; it helps to stand out among other people. It is always pleasant to meet a person who is not only smart but looks great, too – well-groomed hairstyle, clean and neat clothes, polished shoes etc. Sometimes children are picky and hard-to-please customers.

But if the child likes something – you will see a sparkle in his eyes. Designer clothes for children are distinguished by a big selection of clothes for any taste. Designers all over the world do their best to create something new that will surely surprise their clients. Childhood is the happiest time during the lifetime and this is our job to embellish it with bright colors. Nowadays the world of fashion is full of names of great designers. Lots of people call out their names in all corners of the world. Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, GUCCI, Guess, Kenzo Kids, Mini Rodini, Moschino, Roberto Cavalli, Simonetta, Stella McCartney Kids, Tommy Hilfiger, UGG, Wildfox Kids, Miss Grant, Chloe, Timberland and so on. Every little kid is welcome to try on clothes by all of these fashionable brands. In their new collection you can find the newest trends and all “must haves”. These shops are both for newborns and for juniors. Make your child look fabulous in the attires of respected designers. Make sure that your kid will make an unforgettable impression on other people. From toe to head you beloved son or daughter will be dressed in luxury. Shoes, booties with fur, pants, jeans, dresses, T-Shirts, shirts, sneakers, vests, cardigans, turtlenecks, headbands, dresses with tights, snowsuits, babygrows. Such opulence of clothes for your baby will make him the happiest person in the world. It is the best way to realize that your child is dressed with comfort and taste. There is wide spectrum of cute boots with fur for your toddler to make his first step. Clothes for any occasions can be found here – B-Day party, relatives’ visits, someone’s arrival or departure, graduation, first step or first word. There will be always something to satisfy you and your baby due to a huge range of categories.

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Dressing a kid was always a big deal for every mum. Safety is above all, of course. You’ve got to make sure that your beloved kid is dressed warm and comfortable, that no rain or snow can ruin your baby’s look. Today we run across many innovations that will provide you with warmth and safety. Have you ever heard of “base layer”? The thing is, it should help to avoid perspiration while your child is running in the playground; it generates cold or heat/moisture. Such dress is irreplaceable. It is soft against the skin due to natural materials. Te second stage is the middle layer which helps to keep the constant temperature of your body. Such garment is necessary any time – windy or snowy weather is not the obstacle. So be careful with the choice of clothes for children – dress your kid smart.

We’ve made some research about the most popular fashion houses of baby boy and girl designer clothes of the UK. Kids Cavern was founded in 1989 in Liverpool’s most fashionable center. The biggest number of clothes is dedicated to the designer clothing for kids. The company’s main priority is to please your child. Working with principal designers and a professional team resulted in long-term success on the world market. They have become tantamount among other famous brands. They incorporate a great deal of accessories and clothes to make your look complete. Incredible combination of colors and quality are celebrated all over the world. Paul Smith Junior is one more well-known brand that gained popularity rather quickly and the reaction of the customers was fantastic. The trend founded in 1970 represents a line of menswear collection. Easy-to wear shirts, polos, shorts and T-Shirts are popular among little boys who learn to be stylish. It contains casual clothes that remind typical American style. If your little boy wants to be a gentleman there are some on-trend suits in which your son will look really cool.

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Choosing clothes for a kid is not always tiresome as you might think. Make up a game while shopping with your kid to make the process more pleasant and enjoyable. If you are short of time, you can surf online and reserve some clothes and on the way home you can easily get it. Dressing a newborn is sometimes very difficult, especially in the first months of his life. You take care of him as much as it is possible in order to protect this tiny little thing. So you bundle all the clothes on your child. Sure, you don’t want him to freeze, but the first rule is to find the right temperature and thus keep the balance. For infants it’s more difficult to generate temperature – they can easily freeze or can be exposed to the heat. Many collections of designer clothes for kids include hats or caps for toddlers – and that is the right solution, because you need to protect him from sunlight or cold weather. The first layer may be bodysuit that is soft against the skin. The second layer – trousers and a polo (it is important to make sure, there is no gaps). Hands and feet should be kept in warm wool socks and booties. Some designers invented cuffs at sleeves so your child’s hands will not freeze. If it’s very hot outside, you need some blankets or cardigans of different thicknesses – so you can easily put it off. It’s desirable, the baby be dressed in several but very thin layers. Designer clothes for children are made of high quality material, it’s quite easy to wash, but still every once in a while some incidents happen – wrong mode in your washing machine or a stain that is hard to remove.

Here we have some tips for washing. Wool clothes should be washed as less as possible. Sometimes it is sufficient to rinse the clothes instead of washing it. Air-dry is needed after each washing. Fabric softeners are not always that necessary, especially when it comes to kids clothes. The rest of chemicals may remain on the fabric and cause allergy, rash and other. Many respected designers time to time make abrasion tests on their clothes to verify its safety. And thus only the best clothes appear on the market.      We have no doubts, almost everyone googled how to wash outerwear correctly to avoid undesirable consequences. Right washing of such delicate things ensures that your “coat” will last long time. First of all, make sure all zippers and buttons are closed, else due to unnecessary frictions you may damage your garment. Rule 2 – wash it from the inside out to keep the outer color. Using a fabric softener is forbidden. Do not leave the garment in the washing machine after the circle is finished. Pay your attention that your child’s outerwear does not contain PFCs (perfluorinated substances); it is used in waterproof clothes to avoid dirt and water on the fabric. Outerwear with good reflectors makes full visibility at night. Anyway, designer clothing for kids will provide you with all facilities – comfort, safety, style, suitability. They design clothes for kids, making it as perfect as possible. Now it’s up to you to choose what kind of it to wear. Never go out of style with newest designer clothing for children.