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Pasito a Pasito brand embodies classic harmonious design and high functionality of its baby products. The brand’s designers use beautiful baby-friendly colors, which you will definitely love.  

5 Best Pasito a Pasito Changing Bags for All Mom’s Essentials

When a mother needs to go out with her baby for a walk, then she collects a whole arsenal of baby accessories: diapers, bottles, napkins … To satisfy this need, Pasito a Pasito brand has developed multifunctional and practical accessories for everyday use. We realize that the assortment of different changing bags in Pasito a Pasito online shop is large. Thus, let’s try to figure out the best models you will definitely love.

Pasito a Pasito Elegant Dark Ivory Changing Bag (40 cm)

Editor’s Choice

Why is it better?

  • Ecologically friendly faux leather 
  • Zip fastening
  • Elegant and trendy color
  • Machine washable (30°C)


Pasito a Pasito Elegant Dark Ivory Changing Bag (40 cm)

Mommy Thought!

Every mother has her personal style and Elegant Dark Ivory Changing Bag is the best choice for trendy moms. Pasito a Pasito baby bag is a 100% guarantee of a vibrant look. The bag is extremely suitable to take everything your baby may need during a long walk, and its aesthetics will stay the same. 

  • Dark ivory elegant color 
  • Ease of washing and care
  • Very roomy inside
  • Zip fastening
  • Heavier than others 


Pasito a Pasito Gently Pink Changing Bag (48 cm)

Mommy Thought!

If you need a roomy main compartment and a presence of many useful pockets then this bag will win your heart. There is plenty of free space inside the bag. Moreover, if you have Pasito a Pasito baby nest of gentle colors then this model will perfectly complement it. 

  • Two top carry handles 
  • Easy to use buggy straps
  • Machine wash (30°C)
  • White changing mat 
  • Low laptop protection


Pasito a Pasito Pale Blue Changing Bag (42 cm)

Mommy Thought!

Owing to its stylish design, well-thought-out functionality and organization of the internal space, Pasito a Pasito baby bag has become a real favorite of many mothers. Being made of smooth faux leather, it has four stretchy internal pockets and lots of space to put everything you need in it. 

  • Zip fastening
  • Adjustable shoulder strap 
  • Waterproof changing mat
  • Machine wash (30°C)
  • Laptop protection is low


Pasito a Pasito Pale Grey Polka Dot Changing Bag (42 cm)

Mommy Thought!

This perfect Pasito a Pasito grey changing bag is almost saying that total comfort is hidden somewhere inside the bag. A tiny polka dot print looks very trendy and the company’s designers are confident that you will use it every day, in any case, thanks to its unique functionality. 

  • Adjustable shoulder strap 
  • Comes with a changing mat
  • Machine wash (30°C)
  • Its weight 0.65 kg

Not padded enough to protect a laptop


Pale Grey Polka Dot Changing Bag is my love! I like to use it for everyday walks. I don’t need to carry the bag on my shoulder all the time because it can be easily attached to the stroller with the use of the adjustable shoulder strap. 

Pasito a Pasito Pale Pink Baby Bag (52 cm)

Mommy Thought!

This Pasito a Pasito changing bag is equipped with a spacious inner compartment. Numerous pockets for toys, food, and mom’s accessories will help you to stay organized and relaxed during long pleasant walks with your baby. 

  • Inner pockets for all essentials
  • Quilted outer pockets
  • Plenty of storage place
  • Changing mat is not waterproof


 I like to buy big bags, and Pale Pink Baby Bag is ideal for me. It has many convenient sections for storing all children’s things necessary for walking and travel. 

F.A.Q about Pasito a Pasito Brand

Why Do I Need A Changing Bag?

The changing bag helps the mother to have all the necessary things with her. This is the way to have a quick access to diapers and other things, and stay calm and organized. 

How Can I Choose The Right Changing Bag Size?

Naturally, everything depends on your personal needs. However, be careful when choosing the bag’s size because the changing bag should be large enough to organize all your essentials properly. 

Do I Need To Buy A Changing Mat Separately From The Changing Bag?

Today, in many models, the changing mat is already included in the set of those accessories that go with the bag. You just need to check the characteristics of the desired item before buying and find out if there is a changing mat in the kit or not.


Pasito a Pasito changing bag is an excellent purchase for those parents who realize that convenient bags for mothers are the key to the comfort of daily walks. Thus, be sure that you can buy Pasito a Pasito baby bag in any desired shape and size. It all depends on your personal desires and needs. 

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