Ancar Baby Clothes

Since 1985, the Spanish brand Ancar has been famous for producing high-quality Ancar children’s clothing, in which classic long dresses, coats, and suits combine elegance and modern fashion trends. These are clothes for real fashionistas.

Top 7 Elegant Ancar Baby Clothes for Active Children

Every parent knows that a child’s health depends on many factors, including the ability to wear quality clothing that is beautiful and comfortable. Ancar baby clothes UK are natural and environmentally friendly items that do not cause allergies and are pleasant to the touch. 

Therefore, we hope that our list of the most elegant Ancar children’s clothing will help you to create a unique and unrepeatable image for your child. 

Editor’s Choice

Why is it better?

  • Natural and pleasant 100% wool
  • Elegant gray trendy color
  • Deep gray velvet color
  • Unisex model 


Ancar Elegant Gray Wool Coat for Boys & Girls

Mommy Thought!

Ancar children’s coats have always been the embodiment of classic style with luxury elements in simple details. This classic wool coat is decorated with deep gray velvet trims, and it has a stylish gray velvet collar, making this model suitable for boys and girls. 

  • Natural 100% wool
  • Trendy color and perfect cut
  • Front button fastenings
  • Suitable for boys and girls
  • Dry clean


Ancar English Pink Wool Coat

Mommy Thought!

This is a stylish Ancar girls wool coat with a stitched velvet collar and two patch pockets on the sides. A product is made of a wool blend, in a neutral style. Classic English pink color is its distinctive feature, while comfortable cut allows you to wear it for daily walks and holiday trips. 

  • Classic English pink color
  • High-quality wool blend
  • A removable bonnet 
  • Velvet button fastenings
  • Calf length


English Pink Wool Coat is a very stylish and unusual in its cut. My daughter looks like an elegant little lady in it. I like the coat’s style and quality. 

Ancar Creamy-white & Camel Buster Suit

Mommy Thought!

This traditional Ancar baby suit is made of two types of fabric: cotton and soft linen. A small rounded collar helps the boy to look elegant and neat. Pearlies on the shirt harmoniously connect the top and bottom of this set, keeping your baby tidy. 

  • Perfect back & front button fastenings
  • 2 piece set
  • Easy machine wash (30°C)
  • Neat decorative elements
  • Small fitting


Ancar Creamy-white Buster Suit

Mommy Thought!

This unisex model created by Ancar looks like a light cloud of air, making your baby very charming and sweet. A unique blend of soft silk and cotton allows to wear this Ancar baby suit even in warm sunny weather. 

  • 2 piece set
  • A rounded collar with pleats 
  • Unisex model
  • Cotton & soft silk fabric blend


  • Hand wash


Ancar Creamy-white Dress with Bonnet

Mommy Thought!

If you have a special occasion to visit, then this dress is the best choice for your little baby-angel. A detachable satin ribbon belt has not only a decorative option, but it also makes the dress comfortable to use. 

  • Easy to wear model
  • Natural 100% cotton
  • Easy and fast machine wash
  • Too long length


Ancar Marine Blue & Ivory Buster Suit

Mommy Thought!

If you want to see your son as a brave and fearless explorer of the world around him, then this buster suit is perfect for your boy. This Ancar baby suit has a row of well-thought pearlies to attach two parts of this set. As a result, your active baby will feel comfortable in every move.  


  • High quality blend of fabrics
  • Two rows of pearlies
  • 2 piece easy to connect set
  • Ivory shirt needs to be washed frequently


My son is an active boy, and Marine Blue & Ivory Buster Suit is the best choice for him. I like everything in this suit, especially the ability to dress parts of this buster suit separately, creating new images every day.

Ancar Marshmallow Pink & White Dress

Mommy Thought!

  • High-quality dress for any occasion 
  • Small button fastenings on the back of the dress
  • Silky ribbon tie
  • Riffle trims are not detachable 


F.A.Q. about Ancar Baby Brand

What material to choose for children’s coats?

Wool is definitely ideal. However, a wool blend also worthy of attention due to its excellent quality and durability.

Why dry cleaning is recommended for coats?

Wool responds very well to regular dry cleaning, allowing the coat to looks perfect even with long use. 

How to wash white Ancar children’s clothing?

Wash white Ancar children’s clothing separately, following the instructions on the label. 



Ancar is an excellent quality, time-tested Spanish brand. The company’s designers are focused on ensuring that things are fully consistent with the physiological characteristics and body structure of children of all ages. Thus, when choosing Ancar baby clothes UK, be sure that you choose the best for your children.

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