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You must have known at least one woman who would always complain that she has nothing to wear. Unfortunately, it regards not only women, but little kids or men as well. This problem has already become a real global question: WHAT SHOULD WE WEAR? One says: “Clothes count only for first impressions”. But this first impression surely must be positive and pleasant. The way you look may show your real attitude to life; reveal some of your secrets or what kind of personality you are. So nobody will deny the fact that clothes do not take the last place in the list. Which is why men and women all over the world are trying to look as perfect as possible, to put on best clothes by the most famous designers, to read fashion blogs in order to figure out how to combine different kinds of clothes and to match incompatible things to look fashionable, they tend to up-to-date trends, putting on something extraordinary and extravagant. Moreover, some parents cultivate their taste to children.

Nowadays, the world of fashion has made a big step up – from the extravagant Lady Gaga’s style with her dress of meat to the exquisite taste of Victoria Beckham. Sometimes it seems there is nothing to create any more. But each day designers make something new and impress their customers. Such progress made it possible to choose from the wide range of heterogeneous clothes and accessories exactly what you need. Today many designers tend to create clothes for kids. First of all, each parent, loving his child, wants to give him best of the best, to embrace him with warmth and care. Secondly, designer children clothing enjoys wide popularity on the world market – fashion weeks with kids in designer clothes draw public’s attention. Looking at these little princesses in cute, gentle, glamorous dresses on the catwalks, viewers automatically try these clothes on their children if they have one, of course.

Speaking of designers of kids clothing there is pretty much of them, such as Hunter, Mini Melissa, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, New Balance, Monnalisa, Geox, DKNY, Diesel and many other. These clothes consider being iconic and luxurious, though their collections contain many on-point and casual clothing for every occasion. Large selection of items include shoes, boots, pants, jeans, dresses, leggings, T-Shirts, sunglasses, blazers, jackets, shirts, sneakers, bags, hats, scarves, vests, blouses, headbands and so on. It is up to you to decide which clothes to try on, but you will never leave the shop without a purchase. Whether your child prefers sporty clothes or on the contrary – street fashion, casual, official – you will always have a big choice.

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Beauty is an integral part of our life, and each boy or girl of any age is willing to look special and unique, to wear comfortable and qualitative clothes. Designer clothing is the key to all of it. Italian brand Monnalisa is extremely gaining its popularity due to designer clothes for kids. This trend took care of every child during the whole year – winter or summer, autumn or spring – it has always something to offer. There are stylish coats made of fur – long or medium-length / black and white or even pink / with glitter or with different prints or patterns like animals or lace, flowers and dots – whatever you like for any taste. In the collection one will not find inconspicuous and faded things. No way – you won’t stay unremarkable; no one will turn his eyes away from your unimaginably stylish look.

New styles have arrived and they impress with their beauty and refinement. For the past years plenty of designers succeeded to hold the reputation of beauty creators who also take care of children’s’ health. Quality and safety are nowadays the Achilles’ heel of many clothes producers. Cheap – but is it safe? Fabric, made of God knows what, sometimes may lead to undesirable consequences, some children are allergic to some materials and even parents fail to know it. Fortunately, clothing designers who value their name will never neglect such important and worthless thing like health which is not to buy, as everyone knows. In that way you will never buy a pig in a poke. Fabric is produced only from natural materials that cause no harm to your child.

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 Speaking of style and fashion, one might think that this is an incredibly expensive pleasure – to wear designer clothes. That not everybody can afford such a luxury to come by a boutique or an exclusive shop to buy his kid fabulous but rather expensive clothes, although the child is gonna grow out of it in a few months – so they call it waste and buy clothes in “second hands” and other places where one can find many cheap clothes. No one denies, there you can get something great and for no money, but the question is – if it is really safe to wear clothes after someone you absolutely don’t know. Unfortunately, there are many cases, when such clothes proved not to be safe and organic. But we are not here to judge, but to give you many options, so you could choose, because designer clothes are not the synonym to the word “expensive”. First and foremost, look for SALES where one will surely find the same clothes in much lesser price. A little tip – you’d better hurry up! Secondly, designer clothes may cost not more than an ordinary stuff from a mall. You just need to do a little research – and you will find something that fits your child and will be a good buy.

   If you have a kid, you’ve got to know that they spent most of their spare time outside where they play football, run round the playground, they fall time to time, they get dirty all over and leave stains or cuts on their clothes. That’s a pity, especially when the clothes were bought like TODAY. Some dirty spots are no to remove with ordinary chemical aids and not qualitative cloth can only worsen the situation. That is one more benefit to buy time-tested brands in order to save your “shirt” and money.

What are boys concerned, in most cases they prefer sporty clothes, in which the feel free, which is full of sophisticated ease. Usually boys love to wear sneakers, a T-Shirt, pants or shorts. And that’s what they need to play football, basketball or some other games. However, it’s of great importance to wear safe shoes that no one gets hurt during active movements. Your foot must be in comfortable position and only professional lines of footwear can guarantee maximal protection like Ferrari, Puma or New Balance. Stone Island, for instance, is the brand of sportswear founded in Bologna. This company impress with the numerous kinds of sport goods, such as T-Shirts, caps, shorts, zip up tops, jeans, jackets. Different techniques of material dyeing and producing, innovations have got a beneficial effect on the quality and are up to standards all over the world.

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  Fashion plays an integral role in our lives. Even while choosing what to put on in the morning makes us close to the world of fashion. On the TV we observe anchorperson, hosts or newscasters who always look reserved but of taste. We try to combine clothes, we can judge if this shirt becomes us or not or whether it matches the hills, a purse or a suit. All the time we see these people around: we may admire their style or not. But, nevertheless, it’s something after what we get the very first impression. This is a rather powerful art which involves not only clothes, but also music, architecture, dance etc. People who know about fashion, even a little bit, may start their own business; they may create a new trend. This one can be your child, who can possibly become a great designer or a fashion critic. Maybe, this is your daughter’s destiny to become a model – on the stage or on the front pages of glossies. Who knows? Buying designer children clothes you can make your kid closer to the world of fashion. The way you look does make a person feel comfortable and secure. For every girl it’s important to be attractive and elegant. And if clothes are of high quality, it won’t get worn-out in a few months or even less, it will serve you for years and this is how your money is spared. One should not forget, how tender and gentle children treat to their new designer clothes, they will value it and your care. Someone says, clothes are not more important than your inner world. And this is true – so keep the balance – let your soul follow the trends, such as honesty, kindness, integrity in new designer clothes.